What we are about...

We’ve found in over 20+ years of serving successful business owners that giving a business owner an answer is like giving a starving man a fish to eat; he eats for a day. What he really needs is to learn how to fish; that way he can feed himself and others for years to come.

Being a business owner is an activity-intensive endeavor. It’s for DOERS! Yes you have to plan but without actions you end up where you started. We see ourselves as GUIDES; someone who goes along with you on your journey who, having been this way before, can caution when approaching pitfalls and encourage when progress toward objectives gets bogged down.

Think of it in terms of a travel agent who sells you a safari ticket from her suburban office compared to the truly experienced safari guide who steps into the boat with you when starting on you adventure. Most, if not all, of these “incorporation” services you’ll encounter are of the suburb travel agent; giving you a handshake and a pat on the back as you leave. NCS is different. Call around and then call us. We know we have to earn your business. We ask only for the opportunity.

If you do operate your business from out of state, Nevada incorporation laws require that you have a business phone and address within Nevada and that you work with a Resident Agent. Without the right help, this can be difficult. That's why we offer each client the Virtual Office services and Resident Agent services they need to quickly and easily fulfill those requirements. Using our trustworthy, hassle-free Nevada incorporation services, we can save you time and make sure your business stays in compliance with all Nevada laws as you incorporate online.

To find out more about how Nevada Corporate Services can help you protect your assets, save on taxes and walk you through the entire Nevada incorporation process, please contact us to schedule your free consultation at 1-800-658-5105. We are in business to serve our clients and in turn help them to make money. Wasting time and money on gimmicks is the last thing we want; for you or for us. Call today for answers to all of your questions on incorporating business online and to learn more about our comprehensive set of services needed to incorporate business in Nevada.